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What our customers are saying

"I love my new distiller! I knew it would save me time and money and the hassle of throwing all those plastic gallon jugs in the recycle bin, but I had no idea I would actually love the machines ease of use. It's so well built and the little fan keeps my laundry room warm at night. Thank you for selling such a good product. What a pleasure to buy something for a very reasonable price, that is so dependable."
S. Cordova
"I just wanted to let you know I bought one of your white units this year, and I am very happy with the taste and quality of water I get from it. You have excellent customer service, and I will patronize you again and recommend your units to anyone needing pure water."
T. Moon
"I LOVE MY DISTILLER! Our water is very hard and very very salty. I have been using this machine for three months and could not be happier. I have used the crystal cleaner three times (about once a month). Customer service is great also. Before I bought this I had a few questions. I sent an e-mail that was promtly answered. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Ellen"
E. Berryman