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Pelican Shower Filter Featured by The Muscleman of Technology

Published: 6/27/2017

H2o Labs sponsored the Pelican Shower Filter on Good Morning San Diego, Channel 9 Morning News (KUSI-TV). Below is the video link direct from Good Morning San Diego:

Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology ( America's Best-Built Technology & Fitness Television Personality

Infection Outbreak Shines Light On Water Risks At Dentists Offices

Published: 10/1/2016

When people go to the dentist, they generally expect to leave in better health than when they walked in. But the water dentists use to rinse teeth sometimes carries infectious bacteria.

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Copper Identified as Culprit in Alzheimer’s Disease

Published: 4/20/2014

Copper appears to be one of the main environmental factors that trigger the onset and enhance the progression of Alzheimer’s disease by preventing the clearance and accelerating the accumulation of toxic proteins in the brain. That is the conclusion of a study appearing today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

"It is clear that, over time, copper’s cumulative effect is to impair the systems by which amyloid beta is removed from the brain," said Rashid Deane, Ph.D., a research professor in the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) Department of Neurosurgery, member of the Center for Translational Neuromedicine, and the lead author of the study. "This impairment is one of the key factors that cause the protein to accumulate in the brain and form the plaques that are the hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease."

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Water Facts:

Published: 1/9/2012

  • The most important essential element for our health and very survival is also the most ignored.
  • Water-related disease is the number one cause of death and responsible for 80 percent of illness worldwide.
  • Industrial and natural contamination of our water supplies is increasing at an alarming rate.
  • The experts agree that our public water supplies remain unprotected and are vulnerable to terrorist attack at any time.

Bottled Water: Pure Drink or Pure Hype?

Published: 1/9/2012

While bottled water marketing conveys images of purity, inadequate regulations offer no assurance. Sales of bottled water in this country have exploded in recent years, largely as a result of a public perception of purity driven by advertisements and packaging labels featuring pristine glaciers and crystal-clear mountain springs. But bottled water sold in the United States is not necessarily cleaner or safer than most tap water, according to a four year scientific study recently made public by NRDC.


Al Qaeda Warns of Threat to Water Supply!

Published: 1/9/2012

A spokesman for al Qaeda has told an Arabic-language newsmagazine that the terror group will try to use poisons to attack the United States, specifically threatening to contaminate the nation's water supply. Abu Mohammed al-Ablaj told the London-based al-Majallah magazine that "al Qaeda [does not rule out] using sarin gas and poisoning drinking water in U.S. and Western cities".

See: Washington Times

H2oLabs Systems make the very PUREST water

Published: 1/9/2012

Distilled water is the PUREST form of drinking water available. NO OTHER PROCESS of water purification is as EFFECTIVE. Home water filtration and reverse osmosis systems don't compare. H2o Labs Home Water Systems make water BRAND NEW again and Fresh as Rain, Nature's Way! No other water purification system can do that.

Water distillation systems PAY FOR THEMSELVES!

Published: 1/9/2012

Water distillation is a VERY ECONOMICAL way to purify drinking water. When considering the high cost of bottled water, (whether store-bought or delivered), distillation saves a very considerable amount of money. Also because no expensive filter cartridges are required, there are virtually no other costs associated with distillation other than the small amount of electricity required, which typically amounts to only 22 cents per gallon, (compared to $1 or more for a small bottle of water). Your H2oLabs Water Distillation System will pay for itself, over and over again!

Distilled Water is MADE FRESH to TASTE GREAT!

Published: 1/9/2012

While it is very true that store-bought distilled water can taste flat, it is NOT the case when you make your own distilled water fresh every day. Because store-bought bottled distilled water has to be transported and then sits in warehouses and on store shelves up to months on end, it will become flat and also can pick up plastic taste and odor from the bottles. But when you are making water brand new again through the distillation process and consume it while it is fresh, there is no "taste" at all, because there is nothing in the water to taste.


Published: 1/9/2012

We get 95% of the minerals we need from the foods we eat, not the water we drink. It is not sensible to get a very small amount of minerals from our drinking water by also consuming all of the bad minerals and other pollutants and contaminates contained in drinking water. It is like saying, "Go eat a handful of dirt from your backyard because it might also contain a few good minerals." People who say that you need to get minerals from your drinking water are uninformed to put it kindly.