Water Distiller Testimonials

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Although I was completely satisfied with my 10-yr. faithful water distiller, I decided to try another brand when my distiller finally called it quits. I researched on-line and decided to purchase your Model 300SS, two months ago. Ordering was easy, the product came quickly, and works well. Maintenance is simple, too. Quality is a rarity in today's products and I was pleased. My reason for contacting you is to provide feedback for another pleasant surprise: your well-written instruction manual. I have never seen a more thorough "how to" booklet. Everything was covered and to the point for simple reading. Thank you for your attention to detail in producing a quality product and after-the-purchase product information.

Sincerely, Eydie F.

I want to thank you again for the excellent service I received from H2OLabs recently. My call was returned immediately, trouble detected and you kindly placed my order, sent me an invoice and tracking number the same day! What wonderful customer service.

Sincerely, Cynthia B.

Hi Howard, many thanks for that, we're more than happy with the solution you've come up with and will continue to buy your products.

In our limited experience, we can honestly say that the water produced by the distiller is the best we've ever tasted.

Kind regards,


A quick update from the "Whatever It May Be Worth Department."

This new 200 is working like a charm...and is so much faster than the old one... Thanks again for all your help.

It is nice to know what "real-customer-service" is like...

BTW...I am using 100% Pure Lemon Juice from Concentrate to do the heating-element cleaning...it does a much better job than the White Vinegar...there is so much scale build up from our so-called water...I clean after about 4 distilling processes.


Just sending you a quick message to say I received my water purifier and am very happy with it. I would like to say I will be a loyal customer and hope to do more business soon.

Thanks for the great product and great support.

Terrance Eyerly

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you again. You may remember sending me a Christmas gift of a new fuse for my water distiller. The fuse fixed it and it continues to work daily.

I am just so grateful for your helping me out and each time I have that distiller running I give a thanks that it is working so well. It is clearly the nicest distiller I have owned and you are the nicest person/company to deal with.

Sincerely, Barbara S.

FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!! I love this thing, it makes the cleanest water... EVER! You wouldn't believe the things that are filtered out of my water, CA doesn't have clean water to start with. With this, it doesn't matter how contaminated the water is. You can smell the cleanliness in the water!

Evan B.

I just finished the process of setting up the distiller and carafe. Because of the crystal clear instruction manual with excellent photos I was able to breeze right through the process. I also appreciated that all the parts slipped right into place. No struggle. Because of these things I am confident I bought the right unit and am dealing with the right company for me. I'm am breathing a sigh of relief that there are still retailers out there who hold to a high standard.

Thank you, Susan B.

Thank you for the fast delivery of my Model 300. We tried it out as soon as it arrived. Everything worked super and we are very pleased with it.

Ernest Crouse

I want to put a good word for Harold. I had a problem with my machine. He was very help full.

Thanks Again, Mike S.

Just a note for Dee... I loved talking with her today while placing my order! Very friendly and professional. I would order from you again just because of her fantastic demeanor! :) Thank you so much Dee.

Gratefully, Patrick J.

I am sorry I did not write down the name of the gentleman who helped me decide on which model of handheld shower head to purchase but I wanted to thank him for his kindness and patience in assisting me. I am very happy with the deluxe model. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis several years back and knowing how dangerous Chlorine is to the thyroid I have wanted to get a shower filter, I think my thyroid is much happier each time I shower. Thank you for the help with my purchase and for this great product.

Linda S.

No question at this time. I just wanted to say that I love my h20 model 200 water distiller. Absolutely!!! Water tastes great so it makes everything else(like green tea) taste even better. Again thank you!!


Thank you for my distiller, now tea taste like tea, no smell or taste of chlorine.

Arvid Z.

I'm very pleased with the distiller I bought from you. The water tastes delightfully clean, makes great tea or coffee and also is very good with fine malt whisky! And on its own, of course.

Richard L.

I bought the H2oLabs Model 100SS for our dental lab in 10/15/2007 and have been running it since then around twice a day and once at night, we leave it on just when the work is finished and when we return in the morning the water is ready. In 1/23/2009 my business partner bought same machine for his home and so did I in 4/9/2010. I cannot even imagine how much money we would have to spent to buy all this water from a store not to mention the taste and health benefits. Great Job H2O!!!!

Marek K. B.

Just a note about my distiller. I have been distilling for several months now and just wanted to let you know it has performed flawlessly. I no longer drink any other type of water period. I now drink more water and seem to have a craving for it. I take supplements regularly and have a good level of energy but now I can safely say it has improved as at least 30% as a direct result of my water consumption. I really appreciate the fact that your machine is also very reasonably priced as well. I did some research on the net and saw several different models and types of distillers but H2oLabs beat them on both cost and performance. My Thanks for a great value.

Anthony R.

OMG - WE LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We have used it every day since we got it!  Our water is particularly nasty out of the faucet - we are on our way to becoming a healthier, happier family!

Sincerly, Heather D. C.

Thanks for your helpful response. While we've just gotten the all-clear now (as of 9:30AM EST on 8/4), this will be of immense benefit should this algae-related crisis recur in the future. BTW, I bought my H2OLabs distiller in 2008, and it has worked flawlessly day in and day out. Congrats on providing such a great product! Carl

I just want to let you know that I received my Model 300 water distiller today. I processed my first gal of water (6 hours) and was amazed at what I saw in the bottom of the chamber when I opened it. There was a significant amount of Brown residue in the bottom along with some white. I was simply shocked at what I saw. Thank You for an excellent product. Larry