H2OMATIC® Compact Automatic Water Distiller

Why choose the H2OMATIC?

The Model 500 has the following advantages over other automatic water distillers;
1) State of the art electronic sensors instead of manual floats that require adjusting.
2) Smaller footprint saves valuable countertop space. (Also a very attractive kitchen appliance);
3) Lower energy consumption which reduces heat, (does not get as hot.)

Economical Automatic Model 500 water distiller

5 Gallon Per Day Automatic Water Distiller - 3.25 Gallon Reserve

This is our most economical and also the most compact automatic water distiller made. It automatically fills and automatically turns on and off as required. This all stainless steel water distiller makes up to 5 gallons per day and has a 3.25 gallon reserve tank.

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Regular Price: $1,995.00
 On Sale For: $1,749.00 
Activated Carbon Pods

Post Filter Pods for H2OMATIC and H2oLabs Models 500, 700 & 1000

Six-pack of Activated Carbon Pods for your H2OMATIC or H2o Labs Model 500, 700 or 1000 automatic distiller. Also works well for many other automatic water distillers with cup style activated carbon housings. Replaces messy loose carbon with a convenient pod that simply drops into the cup.

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Price: $29.50