800 to 6,000 Gallon-per-Day Distillation Systems

Vapor Compression Water Distillation Systems 800 to 6000 gallons per 24 hours for as low as 0.5 cents per US Gallon production cost!

The payback period for a typical 1500 gallon per day vapor compression distiller, operating at full output, (say 5000, 1-liter bottles per day), selling at 60 cents per liter, (wholesale), is less than 17 operating days. This is truly a remarkable payback. For a water store selling 1500 gallons of distilled water daily (and there are a number of them doing just that) at 50 cents per gallon, the payback period is less than three months!

Most competing distillation systems can use up to eight gallons of reject water for every gallon of water they distill. The VC6000 and our other commercial water distiller systems produce nearly six gallons of distilled water for every one gallon of reject water. See if you can find a commercial reverse osmosis system that is this water efficient!