Where Can I Buy Distilled Water?

Distilled water is water purified of contaminants through a distillation process. The water is boiled and converted to steam, then cooled until it is condensed back into water again. It’s not simply water run through a filter – distillation removes all contaminants. It improves the taste and smell of the water, and with distilled water, you are ensured that there are no contaminants or additives in the water you drink.

Distilled water offers many health benefits – the first of which is taking the threat of drinking contaminated water out of the question completely. Contaminated water can spread disease and expose you to pollutants. Drinking distilled water reduces the risk of water-borne disease and poisons finding their way into your system.

Now that you have a basic understanding that the idea of drinking distilled water is good for your health (and for the taste!), you’ll want to know where you can get distilled water and how much it costs. Here are the facts on where to buy distilled water:

Grocery Stores

You can buy distilled water at your local grocery store, but it can get expensive. It ranges from anywhere from $2 per gallon from the cheapest brands to in excess of $9 per gallon for premium brands. Even at the lowest price, that’s a lot of cash to lay out weekly for water.

Home Delivery

You can use a home delivery service of distilled water, but it is expensive as well. The cheapest monthly price for home delivery of distilled water is about $25 dollars per month, and that is for around 15 gallons. That works out to be about $1.66 per gallon.

Home Water Distillers

Home water distillers, on the other hand, make a gallon of distilled water for about 28 cents. The average American drinks 58 gallons of water per year, and about half again that amount for cooking, which makes 87 gallons. If we used $1.50 as the price per gallon of distilled water, using a home water distiller would mean a savings of $1.22 for each gallon of water consumed. If there are four people in the household, that would mean a savings of $422.56 per year. And if you calculated that savings for just 3/4 the amount of water you are supposed to be drink daily and not what the average person actually drinks, the savings per four person household would be in excess of $600 per year.

Our conclusion: Drink distilled water for the health benefits, and use a home water distiller for the price benefits.