7 Fantastic Health Benefits of Using a Water Distiller

In-home water distillers provide the best water for drinking and cooking. They operate by boiling water to capture the steam, cool it and turn it into pure distilled water. When water boils, the steam that comes off is extremely clean, leaving the impurities behind. Distilled water is the purest water that is possible to make, and has a number of health benefits. We have listed the various water distiller benefits below.

1. Distilled water is free of bacteria and viruses.

Water distillers clean your water in two ways. Boiling it kills many active bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, when the water turns into steam, it leaves the bacteria and virus behind.

2. Distilled water has no carcinogenic chemicals.

The distillation process removes most chemicals. Certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which boil at lower temperatures than water, are typically removed by filters and by vents for colder-than-boiling gasses in the water distillation system.

3. Distilled water has no unnecessary contaminants.

While some claim that removing minerals from water is unhealthful, the reality is that an adult would have to drink almost 1900 glasses of tap water in Boston to get the recommended daily allowance of Magnesium. While removing minerals from water makes essentially no difference, removing harmful chemicals and other contaminants is extremely healthful. Distilled water has no salt, no fluorine, no iron or other unnecessary minerals.

4. Distilled water is pure water.

Tap water carries dirt and other adulterants that it picks up on the way from the water distribution facility to the home. Distilling removes all of these solids from the water.

5. Distilled water helps your body clean itself.

Extraneous minerals can build up in people's joints and other cells. Drinking clean, mineral- and additive-free water helps the body to flush out toxins, minerals and other harmful chemicals. Since regular water is loaded with minerals and other chemicals, it is much less effective at flushing out the body.

6. Home distilled water is better than store-bought distilled water.

Store bought distilled water frequently is not as pure because it is made in huge volumes by industrial distillers that are not cleaned sufficiently.

7. Home distilled water is fresh.

Store bought distilled water can sit in plastic bottles for weeks on end. Since distilled water is so pure, it is easily tainted by the smell and taste of the plastic bottles it is stored in.Our home distilled water is made fresh every day and is poured right into your glass, or other storage containers and leaving you with the optimum health benefits of distilled water.