Benefits of Distilled Water vs. Tap Water

According to most experts, adults should drink six to eight glasses of water per day. There's no question that staying hydrated is important, but the quality of the water that you drink matters too. At the end of the day, all your body really needs is pure, unadulterated H2O. Unfortunately, tap water is anything but pure. While many harmful things are removed from tap water when it is processed, many not-so-pure things are added to it too. To learn more about the benefits of distilled water, check out the following information.

Natural Purification

Many modern water purifiers use complicated filters to remove impurities from the water. There's no question that the water treatment plants through which tap water passes add impurities to it. Distilled water is made pure through a naturally occurring process: Regular water is boiled, turned to steam, cooled and condensed back into liquid form. All impurities are left behind.

Great Taste

Tap water typically has a very distinct taste to it. The taste varies from one area to the next due to variations in the processes that occur at water treatment facilities. Distilled water always tastes pure, clean and delicious. There's never any lingering aftertaste because it contains nothing but water molecules.

Pure Water

Distillation works well because, when water is turned into steam, impurities are left behind. That is because impurities like metals, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, herbicides and pesticides are all heavier than steam. They aren't carried along in the steam, so when the steam is turned back into water, there are no impurities whatsoever.

Health Benefits

It is smart to keep harsh chemicals and impurities away from your body if you want to maintain a superior level of health. Tap water often contains high levels of calcium. While that may sound like a good thing, it's actually not. All that calcium can build up in the body and potentially cause health issues such as kidney stones. Distilled water is stripped of excess calcium, so the risk of kidney stones is dramatically reduced. Read more about the specific health benefits of distilled water.

Dental Benefits

Another common belief around drinking water is that it's important to drink tap water because it contains fluoride, which prevents cavities. However, excessive exposure to fluoride can cause enamel fluorosis, which is a condition that causes the teeth to look discolored and mottled. Fluoride is found in many mouth washes, so you can still get beneficial amounts of fluoride without drinking tap water.

Once you experience the pure, clean taste of distilled water, you'll understand why it is vastly superior to tap water!