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If you have a Health Food or Vitamin retail outlet, your customers will love H2oLabs Home Water Systems. If you are a distributor of kitchen appliances or water purification systems, add our units to your line of products. Coffee shops selling coffee makers and accessories - What good is fresh coffee beans if you make it with impure water?

EVERYONE wants to drink PURE water. Why not offer them the PUREST water they can drink?

There are TWO ways to make money with H2oLabs:

  1. Apply to be a Dealer which will allow you to purchase units at a discount to be delivered directly to your place of business. (Minimum 10 units per order.) You then resell the units at retail prices to your customers who pay you directly.
  2. Apply to be an Affiliate which enables you to sell H2oLabs products over the Internet from your web site. You earn a commission for products purchased via the link we furnish to you.

Sell H2oLabs products and help your customers discover the PUREST water possible!

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