Mini Classic Filters

Activated Carbon Filters for Mini Classic

4 Pack replacement filters for Mini Classic water distiller, (#45518)

SKU: PW45518 Weight: 2.00

Price: $36.00 


Product Description:

This carbon filter is used to finish or polish the water, and to improve the taste. The carbon filter should be replaced approximately every 3 months, or whenever the water develops a taste. The carbon filter is custom designed for the Pure Water Mini-Classic II distiller.
To Replace the Carbon Filter: 1. Remove the drinking water container (10) from the unit. 2. Remove the old filter by sliding the filter housing (9) and filter (8) towards you or removing it from the opening in the drinking water container. 3. Immerse the new carbon filter (8) in a separate container filled with distilled water for one minute. 4. Remove the soaked filter and place it into the filter housing. 5. Slide the new filter and housing back into the guide.