Demand Pump 1.4GPM with Cord

Demand Pump with Cord

Pump has a 3 prong plug and cord attached. The pumps are available as 120 Volt 1.4 gallons per minute, 120 Volt 3.3 gallons per minute, or 240 Volt 1.2 gallons per minute configurations.

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Our 120 Volt demand pumps are either 1.4 or 3.3 gallons per minute. Some customers prefer the 3.3 GPM pump for quicker distribution as it is needed, (when manually filling containers for example.) But if slower distribution is desired, (when a smaller supply of water is required but on a more frequent or continuous basis, (ice makers for example), then the 1.4 GPM may be a better choice. (The 1.4 GPM 120 Volt pump is most common for normal household use and is recommended for most applications that require a faucet or remote distribution.

To install: You will need the proper length of 3/8" "drinking water quality" water line, and an 3/8" adapter, ("quick-connect" type is recommended) that will replace the plug on the bottom of your tank. (water line and the adapter is available at Home Depot or any plumbing store and not expensive.) You might also require 2 quick-connect adapters for the pump. You can take the pump and the reservoir tank plug with you to make sure you are getting the correct sizes. Then simply attach approx. 4 feet of water line to the bottom of the tank and then to the inlet side of the pump, and another length of line from the pump to where ever you want to dispense water at. Plug in the pump, which will run anytime it senses loss of water pressure in the line, (when you are dispensing) and then shuts off automatically when pressure has been restored to the water line.

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120 Volt 1.4 GPM
120 Volt 1.4 GPM

SKU: 400532 Weight: 15.00

Price: $289.00 

120 Volt 3.3 GPM
120 Volt 3.3 GPM

SKU: 400533 Weight: 15.00

Price: $299.00 

240 Volt
240 Volt 1.2 GPM

SKU: 400544 Weight: 15.00

Price: $309.00 


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