Durastill 42C Automatic Drain Valve

Automatic Drain Valve for Model 42C for use inside North America

Set the timer to drain the remaining water inside the boiling chamber to greatly reduce the build up of scale within the tank. It also helps to prevent damage to the tank or heating elements. Can be set for multiple times. This automatic drain valve is manufactured by Durastill and designed specifically for the Model 42C.

SKU: 400328 Weight: 10.00

Price: $599.00 


Product Description:

The most important maintenance issue for distillers is maintaining a clean boiler. (If not done as required, the heating element will build up too much water scale and affect performance or burn out and require replacement.) The advantage of an automatic drain valve is that it helps to maintain a clean boiler by automatically draining the boiler on a set schedule, (usually once per day, but more often if distiller is being used at capacity, or if the source water is very bad). That way, most of the water scale is eliminated instead of allowed to build up. You can also drain the boiler manually, (it only takes a few minutes), but oftentimes, this important issue is neglected resulting in unexpected and costly down time. Plus since the boiler water can be scalding hot, it eliminates a potential injury that could result from improper handling. However, we have many customers who do not use the automatic drain valve and simply drain it manually on a schedule. The automatic drain valve can always be added at a later time.