Additional 12 Month Warranty

24 Month Warranty for Durastill or other Automatic Units

Extends Warranty on any of our 120 volt manual or automatic models to cover 100% Parts and Labor for Two Full Years total.

SKU: 24MWAuto

Price: $99.00 


Product Description:

Warranty extended 12 months. ONE Full Year additional coverage of 100% Parts and Labor! (For Durastill or other automatic or manual models.)

If unit malfunctions at any time within 12 additional months from original warranty, it will be repaired or replaced. Covers all parts and labor. Shipping charges not included. Can be purchased anytime within 30 days of original purchase.

Damage caused by improper handling, installation or maintenance, or use of voltage adapters, converters or transformers or customer misuse or fuse replacement due to customer's faulty or incorrect electrical wiring is not covered. Warranty not available for units that will be used overseas. Warranty is not extended beyond the original expiration when parts are supplied for warranty issues. All shipping charges, to and from customer, must be paid by the customer and will not be reimbursed.