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White Baked-Enamel Model 100 Water Distiller with Polypropylene Carafe

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 stars with 8 Reviews

- May 3, 2017

This is the 2nd unit purchased from H2O labs. The first unit was the 200 model. I was a newbie to distillers & the description stated it to be the easiest unit to operate. It worked fine but I found it to be a pain having to soak the heating element for several hours (& scrubbing it with a small brush intermittently). I was secretly thrilled when the heating element died. Finally, I could buy the 100 or 300 unit that has an unexposed heating element. All you have to do is wipe out the resevoir after distilling. Actually, I sprinkle a small amount of citric acid over the layer of lime (sludge or crud) & pour about 1/4" of water. The citric acid dissolves rapidly. Then I wipe the bottom with a non-metal scouring pad & presto - the lime is released from the stainless steel. Cleanup is less than 5 minutes with this unit. If you're a newbie, trying to decide which model to buy, go with the 100 or 300 if you can afford it. You absolutely will not be sorry. The unit more than pays for itself in short time (for me anyway). I use about 5 gallons per week in my Keurig coffee maker and & several AeroGardens. What a splendid product. It's so easy to use & easy to clean. I am very pleased with my 100 model distiller. I would recommend it to anybody & will definitely buy another when this one bites the dust.

- Jan 15, 2017

This distiller is excelent. It produces clean, great tasting water every time and is very easy to use. After a couple cycles using the carbon pod, a ZEROWater tester reported 0. My only complaint is how difficult it is to remove the carbon pod housing without using a screwdriver as recommended in the manual. I can't see any conceivable way for someone to use their hands to remove it. The manual says to push on the tabs, but the tabs are so far up in the unit that I can't reach them. That's literally my only issue though. This thing works exactly as advertised, and I would definitely recommend it to others.

- Dec 12, 2016

Just what we needed!

Stainless Steel Model 100SS Water Distiller with Polypropylene Carafe

Rated 4.8 out of 5.0 stars with 4 Reviews

- May 5, 2017

Purchased this unit in Feb 2016. I used distilled water to drink(Health wise). Average of 1.59 per gallon. Have kept count of water distilled, just totaled 584 gal to date. DO THE MATH Got my wife to using distilled water (never used to drink much) Now we enjoy our coffee better and she loves her lemon water more. Machine is very easy to operate, clean, and enjoy. 100% sastisfied.

- Jan 23, 2017

We are very please with our purchase of the 100SS Water Distiller. It comes as advertised; quality and performance - most refreshing. Thank you H2O Labs.

- May 24, 2016

A well made product that performs as advertised. The water tastes fresh and clean and picks up no flavor from the carafe. The residue left in the boiling chamber is easily removed after applying a little vinegar. I recommend the distiller

Convenient Light-Weight Model 200 Water Distiller with Easy-Fill Reservior

Rated 4.8 out of 5.0 stars with 19 Reviews

- Apr 28, 2017

It definitely cleans the water. One reviewer was worried because it didn't leave much residue. I think some folks have more lime than others. Definitely my water has tons of lime (we also have well water). After 5-7 gallons of distilling, I have to soak the heating element for several hours to remove the lime. It's kind of a pain because you have to scrub the element intermittently with a little (non-metal) brush to assist in removing the lime and then soak it some more. I was kind of glad when the element kicked the bucket (14 months of use) then I had a good reason to order the 100 or 300 unit. I opted for the 100 unit. It's so great not having to mess with the element! So, with the exception of the lime encrusted heating element, the unit worked great for 14 months. I used it alot because I have 7 AeroGardens growing year round & they require distilled water. I wasn't about to haul 7 gallons of water from the store every week! I would have given 5 stars if it wasn't for the crusty element. If you're trying to decide which type of unit to get & you can afford the 100 or 300 unit, go with them, you won't be sorry. NOTE: The customer service has offered to fix it because it was so close to warranty & they felt it should not have died so early. That is real decent of them.

- Sep 22, 2016

There does not seem to be very much residue left behind. It has me a little concerned as to the effectiveness of the unit. Also, my electric bill doubled upon the regular use of the unit. That is very disappointing. I didn't expect it to be so inefficient. On a more positive note, the water, when finished, seems to be clear and pure. It comfortably makes 2 gallons a day, which is more than I need. I am interested in obtaining another charcoal filter, and the availability of a new flitering pad for my unit. Please feel free to update me. I changed that setting, so expect to hear from you.

- Feb 26, 2016

It is so wonderful to have clean and pure water to drink. No longer do I have strange "floaties" swirling around in my water glass. Our water was so bad looking that I bought special water when we had company. Even the ice cubes made from our water looked like they had miniature cotton balls floating in our pitchers of water. We have our own well that serves our home. After I used the distiller for the first time I could not believe what I had been drinking for years. The heating element was pure white and the pad had hard debris all over on it. I have to clean the pad after every use. I have used it twice but the pad is so hard and stiff that I soak it in vinegar water and wash it after every use. I have ordered an extra pad so that while one is soaking I can make another container of pure water. We are very happy and thankful to have a way to clean water to drink.

White Baked-Enamel Model 300 Water Distiller with Glass Carafe

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 stars with 3 Reviews

- Dec 22, 2016

This is a wonderful appliance to have! We ran it for the first day and a half continually so we could get enough water to only have to run the cycle at night. It's not very noisy either. It was fun to see what was left in the bottom after you have a gallon of pure water.

- Nov 23, 2015

Perfection is a wonderful thing. One taste of genuinely distilled water and you will never be satisfied with mere filtered water again. This unit is both elegant in appearance and extremely well designed functionally. I bought a unit three weeks ago and then a second one two weeks later in order to comfortably produce 2-3 gallons a day during daylight hours. The one negative--having to scrape the sediment off the bottom of the boiler after each cycle--is easily averted by ending each cycle slightly prematurely and leaving a thin layer of water on the bottom. This way almost all the sediment just pours out with the water instead of baking onto the bottom of the boiler. This makes cleaning a breeze. Also advised if using tap water is starting each cycle with water that has been sitting out in an open container or saucepan for a few hours or overnight. This way most of the chlorine in the water just dissipates naturally.

- Aug 19, 2014

This thing is really easy to use and you can see all the awful crud you're removing from your drinking water. Money well spent, I love it and use it every day.

Stainless Steel Model 300SS Water Distiller with Glass Carafe

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 stars with 12 Reviews

- Oct 9, 2017

Update 10.9.17: I've been using this same unit for many years now distilling hundreds and hundreds of gallons of water with not one problem. during this time I also have been drinking commercial purified water, which I have had to cut back on. Sadly the quality control of commercial bottled water cannot be trusted. Here is a recent retest I did of Kroger purified water that illustrates this problem. https://danieldteolijrarchivalcollection.wordpress.com/2017/10/08/kroger-purified-water-has-gone-from-one-of-the-best-to-one-of-the-worst/ Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

- Jun 18, 2017

Fantastic,fantastic,fantastic. My brief experience with 300ss water distiller. I live in Miami Florida and I was shocked on how dirty the Miami city water is From tap is. When I poured my first gallon into the distiller the water looked perfectly clear. After 5 hours the distiller turn off automatically. I emptied the carafe into a clean gallon jug. So far so good. When I opened the distiller I was shocked at the sight of brown sluge in bottom of boiling tank. Also calcite deposits at bottom and sides of the tank. The inside- felt like sand paper. I poured two spoons of citirc acid into tank and added halve a cup of tap water. Within minutes the deposits dissolved into solution. But the way the citric acid is included the the purchase. After cleaning the inside with tap water I immediately proceeded to make more distilled water. I noticed that my plants are more healthy and insect attack resistant. I also have no more allergies.

- Apr 17, 2017

I got this distiller on April 4, 2017. The assembly was very easy. Since then I've been distilling my water daily. Love the taste of water after it is done. It left some gunk each time after use. I always clean it up for the new batch. Did anybody has to adjust the head of the distiller to make the fan working? It happened to me a few times that I'd have to do that. The first time I got scared because I thought it was not working. Other than that everything is fine so far.

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Water Distiller Cleaner

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 stars with 2 Reviews

- Jan 17, 2017

These things are scary in a good way. I typically clean my distiller with soap and water, but sometimes there's some scale that just won't come off around the bottom edges of the boiling chamber. The cleaning crystals turn the water into a highly concentrated acid that gets rid of the scale very well. It's probably good for your drain and pipes when you dump it down the sink too.

- Jul 4, 2014

This stuff works great!