H2o Labs Model 300 water distiller

Best in Class, White with Glass Carafe Home Water Distiller – Model 300

From our Best-in-Class Countertop Home Water Distiller models with 100% Stainless Steel Steam Chamber and Condensing Coil, this water distiller has White Baked-Enamel Metal main body and New Top Quality One Gallon Glass Carafe with Ergonomic "Easy Lift" Handle. Now with H2o Labs EXCLUSIVE Activated Carbon Mega Pods that contain 3 TIMES the filtering media and last TWICE as long as other brands.

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Product Description:

This "Best in Class" Countertop Home Water Distiller comes with a High Quality One Gallon Glass Carafe with Ergonomic "Easy-Lift" Handle. It is a very dependable countertop distiller with a White Baked-Enamel Metal main body exterior and a High Quality 100% Stainless Steel interior steam chamber and condensing coil; and also features single-button start, automatically turns off, and is very easy to clean.

Our "Best in Class" Models 100, 100SS, 300 and 300SS are identical except for your choice of exterior, White Baked-Enamel metal or Stainless Steel; and the Collection/Serving pitcher, (carafe), which is Break-Resistant Food-Grade Polypropylene with the Model 100 and 100SS; or a specially designed Glass Carafe and glass nozzle insert with the Model 300 and 300SS. Other than those variations, Models 100, 100SS, 300 and 300SS all share the same top quality features of our tried and true system that has been sold to thousands of satisfied customers.

Features & Convenience:

  • Top Quality: The entire Steam Chamber including Dome and Condensing Coil is 100% Stainless Steel, Grade 304, (also known as 18/8), the most widely used and versatile of all the stainless grades. All plastics used are Food-Safe and BPA-Free. (NO POLYCARBONATE COLLECTION CONTAINER or other parts that may touch the water.) All our stainless steel steam water distillers and boilers also have a metal exterior.
  • Innovative Glass Nozzle Insert so pure water doesn’t touch plastic.
  • Optimal size 565 Watt heating element. Bigger is NOT better. Larger heating elements in one gallon units can cause water to mix with VOCs and other contaminates. Some manufacturers use a “splash shield” with a larger heating element which is ineffective in preventing contamination.
  • Best Value: More economical by far. Some one-gallon units can cost twice as much and aren't as good. Other makes can cost less initially, but end up costing much more due to poor quality and repair issues.
  • High Efficiency: Can make up to 4 gallons per day.
  • Easy & Safe: Push a single button to start. Thermostatically controlled to automatically switch off. UL Approved, Fail-safe fuse for double protection. (Dangerous circuit breakers used by some other manufacturers are not approved by UL because they can fail resulting in over-heating of the appliance or worse.)
  • Space Saving, Durable & Portable: At under 8 pounds you can easily take it with you on vacations or travels!
  • Ease of Maintenance: No need to purchase and replace dirty filter cartridges. Easy to clean. Both distiller and carafe have large openings for easy access and cleaning by hand. (Some other makes are extremely difficult if not impossible to clean by hand.)
  • White Baked-Enamel steel exterior model matches other white kitchen appliances.
  • Top Quality Glass Carafe with ergonomic "Easy-Lift" Handle. Black handle and navy blue lid made from top quality, food-safe, BPA-Free polypropylene. Also easy to clean. (Some competing units use a bottle that is impossible to reach inside for cleaning.)

Everything you need to begin making the PUREST water ever is included!. Along with your water distiller you’ll receive the glass carafe, a large bottle of non-toxic Easy Cleaner in case it's needed for hard water scale buildup in your unit or for any other water scale problems you may have in your house, and a 6 month supply of Activated Charcoal Sachets to use if you have unusually odorous or extremely bad tasting water to begin with. They also remove residual VOC gases. (Their use is optional depending on your personal preference.) You also receive the most complete, useful and easy-to-understand instruction manual in the industry.


  • Output: Over 4 Gallons per Day (16 Liters)
  • Size: 8 in. (20 cm) Width X 14 1/4 in. (36 cm) Height
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs. (3.5 Kg)
  • Boiling Chamber Capacity: 1 Gal. (4 L.) Stainless Steel including Dome
  • Collection Container Capacity: 1 Gal. (4 L.) Glass
  • Power Source: Standard AC 120V/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 580W (total)
  • UL Listed Safe and Reliable.

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1. Richard on 11/23/2015, said:

Perfection is a wonderful thing. One taste of genuinely distilled water and you will never be satisfied with mere filtered water again. This unit is both elegant in appearance and extremely well designed functionally. I bought a unit three weeks ago and then a second one two weeks later in order to comfortably produce 2-3 gallons a day during daylight hours. The one negative--having to scrape the sediment off the bottom of the boiler after each cycle--is easily averted by ending each cycle slightly prematurely and leaving a thin layer of water on the bottom. This way almost all the sediment just pours out with the water instead of baking onto the bottom of the boiler. This makes cleaning a breeze. Also advised if using tap water is starting each cycle with water that has been sitting out in an open container or saucepan for a few hours or overnight. This way most of the chlorine in the water just dissipates naturally.
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2. Poppy on 8/19/2014, said:

This thing is really easy to use and you can see all the awful crud you're removing from your drinking water. Money well spent, I love it and use it every day.
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