Dol-fyn Automatic Water Distiller, (Distiller only, no tank)

Dol-fyn 9 Gal/Day Automatic Water Distiller, (Distiller only, no reservoir)

Dol-Fyn water distiller produces up to 9 gallons a day designed to fill a 3, 7 or 12 gallon reservoir continuously and automatically. Gravity Control feed system eliminates boiling chamber float. MADE IN USA

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Product Description:

(1) The first stage of the prefilter cartridge effectively reduces big impurities.
(2) The solid carbon block cartridge significantly reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as trihalomethanes, chlorine, chloroform, chlorinated hydrocarbons, herbicides, and pesticides.
(3) This prefiltered water is heated to 212° F (100° C) killing microbes such as bacteria, cysts and viruses that may be present.
(4) Steam rises, leaving behind dead microbes, dissolved solids, salts, heavy metals, and other substances.
(5) The vent system releases low-boiling light gases (residual VOCs).
(6) Steam is cooled in the stainless steel condenser.
(7) This final filter enhances taste and purity by adsorption, aeration and degasification. Purified/distilled water is collected and stored in the stainless steel reservoir.

Distillate Capacity: 9 Gallons (34 liters) in 24 hours
Rating: 120V AC/60Hz 1200W for North America only.
International versions available upon request: AR18F (F Plug), AR18G (G Plug), 230VAC/50-60Hz 1100W

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