Model D3AD water distillation system

Fully Automatic Under Counter Water Distiller

The ONLY Fully Automatic, (Auto-Fill, Auto-On/Off, Auto-Dispensing, Auto-Cleaning), Continuous Operation, home water distiller that can be installed inside a cabinet or under a counter-top or sink. This advanced home water distillation system makes up to 10 gallons per day with a 5 gallon reserve. It is such an innovative system that refurbished units such as offered here, continue to be in demand long after new units have ceased to be made.

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Product Description:

The ONLY Under-Counter, High Capacity, Continuous Operation, Auto-Fill, Auto-Cleaning, Home Water Distillation System - plus it's the QUIETEST and COOLEST! Even though these units are "NOS", (new, old stock), or refurbished, they have a full year 100% parts and labor warranty.

Model D3AD Under Sink Installation

Features and Convenience:

  • FULLY AUTOMATIC OPERATION: Controls the entire process. Auto-Fill, Auto-On/Off, Auto-Clean, On-Demand Dispensing. Virtually maintenance free.
  • Demand pump included to dispense water via included faucet and to refrigerator water dispenser and/or ice maker.
  • Manufactured for under-counter, under-sink water filtration or for other hidden locations.
  • Dual water preheating for energy effectiveness.
  • Dual gas elimination for superior water quality
  • Produces 10 Gallons (35 liters) pure distilled water daily.
  • Self-Cleaning! Automatically flushes the boiler tank after each cycle.
  • 5 Gallon (18 liters) Weld-Free "Ready Reserve" storage tank.
  • Comes complete with everything necessary for easy installation. Just tap into water supply line, install auto drain line and plug in.

Automatically fills boiling tank for continuous operation. Auto-On/Off. Automatic self cleaning operation. High Capacity Demand Pump. Approved for under counter installation. Energy Efficient, Fanless Technology. Produces 10 gallons per day

The only water distiller you can install under the counter.

This is the only water distillation system on the market that is safe to install under the sink or in any other enclosed area you choose. That's because it uses a unique patented water-cooling process that eliminates the hot air exhaust normally associated with air-cooled water distillers. With no hot air, it's safe to install wherever you like! Through its patented process, the heat either goes down the drain or into the boiler at a preheated temperature, saving you energy dollars!

The water is always cool and ready to drink. Because it's a water-cooled distiller, cool pure water is always available at the touch of a button.

Plus you can enjoy pure hot water in an instant. The distiller can also be attached to any under-the-counter instant hot water tap to quickly make hot soups, teas and coffee.

Hooks up to your refrigerator or icemaker. The system allows water to be drawn on demand and distributed through a special faucet installed at your sink. And you can even hook it up to your automatic icemaker or to your refrigerator's water dispenser.

Low maintenance and self-sterilizing. This is the only distiller that operates silently, plus it is a low-maintenance, self-sterilizing appliance that automatically cleans its boiler.


  • Compact size: 21"(L) x 13"(w) x 15"(h) / 55 cm(L) x 33 cm(w) x 40 cm(h)
  • 1000 watts, 120 volts 60 hz 8.5 amps (120 Volt unit recommended for most North American installations, however a 220 Volt - 50 hz 8.5 amps model may be available if desired. Inquire.)
  • Self-sterilizing.
  • Low density stainless steel, (Grade 304, 18/8).
  • Dual gas elimination for superior water quality.
  • Automatic product water cooling for instant usage.
  • Dual water preheating for energy efficiency.
  • Thermal cut-off for safety.

Important: Standard units are configured for UNDER THE SINK DRAIN installation. If your unit will be installed ABOVE A DRAIN, (on a countertop, etc), please contact us to order an anti-siphon solenoid for gravity feed.