16 Gallon/Day Automatic Model 1500 - 5, 10 or 15 Gallon Reserve

Fastest Countertop Model 1500 Water Distiller. Made in USA.

This stainless steel automatic water distillation system makes one gallon in only 90 minutes, up to 16 gallons per day. Five, Ten and Fifteen Gallon reserve tanks available. Made in USA.

Price Starting at: $1,599.00

Full Product Description:

This high production automatic unit is capable of making up to 16 gallons per day, (one gallon every 90 minutes.)

Automatically turns on as storage tank gets low; Automatically fills boiling tank, heats and distills as needed; Automatically turns off when storage tank is full. Available as standard 110/120 or 220/240 volt units with 5, 10 or 15 gallon reserve tanks. Optional demand pump is also available to provide pure water to remote locations such as refrigerators, ice makers, bar tap, alternate sinks, etc. And it’s made in the USA!

Waste heat recovery system is used to capture otherwise wasted energy to heat the source water before it enters the boiler, resulting in lower wattage needed and lower electrical costs.

The 1500 watt “double loop” heating element has a surface area approximately 100% larger than conventional single loop elements. This reduces the watts per square inch, thereby increasing the element life.


  • Make a gallon in only 90 minutes, up to 16 gallons per day!
  • 5 gallon reserve tank, (10 and 15 gallon reserve tanks also available)
  • Reliable ball float and tilt switch determines unit activation.
  • Heating Element surface area approximately 100% larger than conventional single loop elements, reduces watts per square inch, increasing the element life.
  • Advanced Waste Heat Recovery system helps warm source water for energy efficiency.
  • Optional Demand Pump to provide pure water to remote locations.
  • Made in USA.
  • One year 100% Parts & Labor Warranty


  • Output: Up to 16 Gallons per Day, (60 Liters)
  • Stainless Grade: Food Grade 304
  • Power Source: Standard 110/120 Volt, (220/240 Volt also available however 110/120 is recommended for most North American installations.)
  • Heating Element: 1500 Watt, Long Lasting, Heavy Duty, Double Loop.
  • Size: Length in Inches: 22 inches x Width: 12.5 inches x Height: 17 inches
    Length in Centimeter: 55.88 cm x Width: 31.75 cm x Height: 43.18 cm
    (10 Gallon unit stands 5" higher, and 15 Gallon unit stands 10" higher than 5 Gallon unit specified above.)
  • Weight: 51 lbs. (23.13 kg) (10 Gallon unit: 55 lbs.; 15 Gallon unit: 60 lbs.)
  • Storage Capacity: 5 Gallons (19 Liters). 10 or 15 Gallon reserve tanks available.

Warranty: The water distillation system will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year after acceptance by the purchaser. During this warranty period, all defective parts, not caused by willful misuse or accident through the fault or negligence of the purchaser will be replaced free of charge (However, all shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser). These systems are pre-tested before shipping them out to insure that they are working properly. This process makes defects extremely rare. But if a part on your unit is not functioning properly, just contact us and we will send you the part that is defective at no cost. The defective part must be returned to us for evaluation.

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110 Volt, 5 Gal. reserve
110 Volt, 5 Gal. reserve

SKU: 1500110V-5G Weight: 55.01

Regular Price: $1,899.00
 On Sale For: $1,599.00 

120 Volt, 10 Gal. reserve
110 Volt, 10 Gal. reserve

SKU: 1500110V-10G Weight: 65.01

Regular Price: $2,099.00
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120 Volt, 15 Gal. reserve
110 Volt, 15 Gal. reserve

SKU: 1500110V-15G Weight: 75.01

Regular Price: $2,299.00
 On Sale For: $1,999.00