Alcohol and essential oils Distiller

Essential Oil Easy Distiller

The Easiest Essential Oil Distiller to use.  No cooling water, thermometer or thermostats necessary. Pour in the “mash” or other ingredients, and push the button! In about an hour, the spirits begin dripping into the collection carafe. It turns off automatically a few hours later. What could be easier!

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Product Description:

Make Your Own Essential Oils with the EasyDistiller!

100% stainless steel boiling tank and condensing coil. This unit is specifically designed to make essential oils or alcohol with a lower wattage heating element, (320 Watts), and unvented condensing coil to prevent distillate vapor from escaping. (Water distillers are vented.) Comes complete with top quality, one gallon glass carafe, 6 pack of activated carbon sachets, jar of cleaning crystals.

BE PREPARED FOR AN EMERGENCY with the multi-use EasyDistiller specially adapted to make alcohol, ethanol and essential oils, etc.

Some of it’s many uses:

Alcohol can be used for lamp fuel and to cook with. There are many alcohol lamps and stoves available and already in use;

Ethanol can be, and currently is, used as a clean-burning replacement for, or additive to gasoline;

Alcohol can be used for many important medical purposes such as sterilization;

Consumable alcohol from whiskey to tequila can be made, (but only if you have a permit to do so);

Makes Essential Oils. Hundreds of medicinal formulas can be made from herbs and other plants, including, but not limited to, treating bacterial and fungal infections. Pain killers, natural laxatives, sedatives, etc. can also be made;

You can even make your own natural perfumes, air disinfectants and insect repellants with this steam distiller for essential oils.

Water can also be purified and distilled if necessary. (However, our water distiller models are twice as efficient in distilling water than this model due to a higher wattage heating element and other modifications.);

Think of distilled products as “liquid gold”! In times of serious economic instability, alcohol and other distilled products can be used as barter and could be more essential than gold! Let's hope that never happens in the good old USA, but if it did, your investment in this distiller would be invaluable.

Imagine the money you can save, (and make), with your own natural remedies and other concoctions. It’s a fun and educational hobby that can actually pay off. One of your experiments might turn out to be a money-making formula.

Get your multi-use, EasyDistiller today, and be prepared for anything!

Note: Please do not contact H2oLabs for information about how to make anything other than water with this unit. (Our expertise is WATER distillation.) Do your own research prior to purchasing, as this essential oil distiller for sale has a no-return policy. We don't guarantee exactly what you can make with the unit as essential oil making requires research and experimentation. But if the ingredients can be distilled, you can use our distillers to make it. The list is endless with hundreds of tips, recipes and uses available on the Internet. (A couple examples are: and  For a long list of essential oil uses, visit and search for “essential oils” or do a Google search for "how to make essential oils", etc.) There are also many books on distilling essential oils available at 

NOTICE: Making alcohol is illegal in many states, although a permit to make ethanol, (for fuel), can be obtained from the Federal Government fairly easy. We are not responsible for any illegal use, or for damages or injury that may result in using the equipment. Purchasers agree to abide by all laws and are responsible to conduct their own research into the legality of any substance being made. Purchasers are also responsible to inform themselves as to the proper use and methods to insure safety.

H2o Labs is not responsible for any illegal, or other misuse, of any distiller sold by H2o Labs.